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Smoking Causes Cancer?

Of course I was both [surprised] and [discomfited] and asked his physician, Dr. Douglas, if the General were in truth not progressing as well as I had supposed. He intimated that the reports were rather rose-colored and that this affection was no doubt a cancer. I am an excessive [smoker] and I said to the…

William Shakespeare – not Jesus?

Considering we have more historical proof of William Shakespeare as an author than Jesus existing I find it rather disturbing that there are still folks thinking the Bard did not write his plays while at the same time insisting Jesus is real.

Aufgelesene Literatur

Ein wenig zu Julia Schramms Klick mich, etwas Don Quijote, das ganze abgerundet mit edler Literaturverfilmung aus England. Ergibt einen schönen Abendcocktail bei Con Text.