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  • merry

    us she came to me one day with a present for me to wrap around her for christmas infinitely presenting herself with vigour and love wanting to be forever in my presence I want

  • summer

    you are I see mother to my hopes I’d like to be father to your passion you are I see mother to my fears we should well be parents to our world I’d like to be father to your dream you are I see mother to my life I’d like to be father to your […]

  • Valentine’s


    ​ I want to be your bedtime story read by you at night savoured by day I am not unhappy in love with you it is all we need I wish to be your bedtime glory loved by you in light favoured by night  

  • l*ve


    all the birds have gone away left the black one is one bird in this place stays alone full of bright hues I watch it being solitary elegant flashing with a rainbow smile everybody else does only see stark drab colour in shape my clear eyes glimpse the true beauty of your vivid semblance

  • Move

    and then yousmileand I seethe world in all its beauty and then youlaughand I seethe world in all its fun and then youtalkand I hearthe world is all a melody and then youwalkand I feelthe world is all a rhythm and then youcareand I findmy world is all at peace

  • Embracing my world

    Embracing my world

    Here is a hug For a blue day Keep it safe And use it When you need it Sadly it is not Reusable But I found A source Everlasting Where it comes from you’ll find As many as You need Using them Won’t hurt The environment it will Make our world A better place Here […]